Tchong Tai Chan, between Led and Zen

In this “second China” that is Taiwan, a superlative and lightning incursion into the world’s largest Zen temple

As part of IFTM Top Resa’s partnership with the AJT (France’s Association of Travel Journalists), we bring you each day a “postcard” from a different location with an interesting story to tell. Since 1997, the AJT has grouped together around 180 journalists working in the field of tourism.

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No More Simple Travel Agent, Welcome the Travel Planner!

By organising a debate at IFTM Top Resa, France’s Association of Tourism Journalists (AJT) wanted to “put human capital at the heart of tourism”.

Robots, comparators, screens, algorithms … Digital tools have invaded the world of tourism and the human being seems a little forgotten. By inviting a debate with key players in tourism – led by Thierry Pratap, editor-in-chief of Tour Hebdo, the Association of Tourism Journalists wanted to remind participants that “human capital” remained paramount, whether it be within the travel companies of or tourism offices and especially in the relationship with the client/traveller.

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