French plebiscite rail competition according to Trainline

Trainline, the leading application in Europe for train and bus travel, have published a study with OpinionWay on the opening of the rail market to competition in France. The results are edifying: almost seven out of ten French people support the opening to competition of the French rail market; 68% support the opening of the rail market; 69% of the French judge the train as an attractive means of transport; 83% consider the train to be part of the French heritage and 79% want an independent application to reserve the tickets of different railway companies.

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Connaissance de Ceylan celebrates its 35 years at IFTM Top Resa

In 1983, Connaissance de Ceylan (Knowledge of Ceylon) was spawned in Colombo with 3 employees in order to propose a more authentic, more “eco-cultural” Sri Lanka. Today, 35 years on, the Connaissance de Ceylan Group is among the major tourism players in Sri Lanka, with more than 700 employees, chosen for their professionalism and dynamism.

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Arena Allianz Travel

To host events and speeches, it was necessary to have a new room capable of receiving more people in optimum conditions. With its 360° stage and 360 seats, the Arena Allianz Travel is hosting, during the 4 days of the show, conferences, round tables and finals of 4 major events: Startup Contest, Hackathon, Travel Agents Cup and Travel Agents Cup Junior. In total, 5,000 people are expected at more than 20 hours of events.

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