Tenerife, the Island of the Endless Spring

Tenerife, the Island of the Endless Spring

There are hundreds of good reasons to travel to Tenerife, an island full of activities and sites to enjoy: an average spring-like temperature of 23°C, 43 protected areas, the closeness of the European continent, an exotic and safe destination, popular fiestas and traditions, the volcanic nature of the island, just to mention a few, making Tenerife such a unique holiday destination.

Mount Teide is the symbol of the island, with its 3,718-metre summit; it is the highest point of Spain and its National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Tenerife showcases a great variety of events such as the Carnival of Santa Cruz in February 2017 or the Tenerife Walking Festival to be held on May 23-27 2017, featuring 20 different walking itineraries to discover the incredible nature of Tenerife island. Every day of the year, people will enjoy popular events in cities and villages: religious pilgrimages (“romerias”), country dancing (“bailes de magos”), Corpus Christi or Semana Santa among many others.

Telde National Park, Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

Tenerife is unique. The island’s traditions and festivals, culture and heritage as well as the food make it an authentic destination.

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