The Show That Was

The Show That Was

A look back at IFTM Top Resa MAP Pro 2016 by Frédéric Lorin, the organisation’s Director

Frédéric Lorin draws a first analysis of the latest edition of IFTM Top Resa MAP Pro, which closed its doors last Friday. We asked him how he felt about his “first show at the helm”.

For my first ever event, I can say that it has been a very enriching experience. Because you cannot realise how much work and energy it needs as long as you are not plunged yourself into the building up of the event. It is so fascinating to see what looks like a terrible mess at the beginning turning step by step into a trade show with an international audience. I would say that our entire team is satisfied with the results of IFTM Top Resa MAP Pro 2016. Despite the difficult time faced by our industry, I realise that the industry remains extremely resilient because tourism continues to be a fabric for dreams and a way to foster people’s mutual understanding.


How was the attendance? Were exhibitors and visitors satisfied?

Attendance to the show reached this year 30,929 professional visitors. I personally went around many times to talk, meet with people and see for myself how the show went during the four days. The perception from exhibitors was that IFTM Top Resa was pretty busy. But above all, most told us that they found the visitors were very “qualified”, which means they brought added value to the exhibitors. Most said that their meetings with visitors were constructive and successful.

What could be improved?

We are conscious that we are not perfect, but we learn and adjust consequently. We know about the noise due to ongoing construction at Viparis, which manages the exhibition spaces at Paris Porte de Versailles. Meanwhile, I want to already stress that next year, the show will move to Hall 1, which offers more light as well as more space.

This was your first IFTM Top Resa experience. How do you evaluate the current format of the show? Are there any other things that you would like to change?

The format works well and everyone feels satisfied with the principles of theme or activities zones (“Villages”) which positions IFTM Top Resa as THE hub for the entire industry. The “Cruise Village” received plaudits as we redesigned it in a more attractive way. The “Tour Operators’ Village” now works perfectly and is a major feature of our offer. The “Travel Hub” is growing in importance. We had 22 start-up companies in 2015, 32 this year. We are now mulling over the option to create a “Digital Village” which could regroup all activities around IT and digital technologies. And finally, our Wine Tourism Pavilion was a good initiative, although we will need to further work on the concept. We will have a meeting with the participants of the wine tourism section to see how to improve it next year.

How about the MAP Pro area? Are there any ideas to further improve its visibility?

MAP Pro became part of IFTM Top Resa only in 2014 and we can already see improvements compared to the first time we had both trade shows together. But we can further improve the synergies between both exhibitions. We will talk to participants of MAP Pro and ask them about their feedback and what kind of evolution they would like to see for the next edition. I know that MAP Pro participants are very faithful to the brand name and we must of course evaluate it with our exhibitors first. One potential initiative would be to give more exposure to the destination France. But I want to stress again that we will not take any decision without consulting the exhibitors

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